Why should the capsules be taken an hour before each meal?

Researchers found that Satisfax’s® active ingredients worked best when taken an hour before eating, giving users the maximum benefit  by making them feel fuller for longer after each meal.

How many Satisfax® capsules do I need to take?

For the first month, take two capsules one hour before each main meal even if you have noticed that your appetite has started to decrease.

In the second and subsequent months, lower the dose to one capsule before each meal if your appetite has started to decrease.

In a minority of cases, it can take a little longer before the appetite changes.  If this is the case, then continue taking two capsules before each meal until your appetite decreases.

Are there any side-effects?

It may take a day or two to get used to the capsules and the changes in your eating habits as a result of the capsules.  One of the functions of Satisfax® is to stimulate the body’s natural appetite suppressor cholecystokinin (CCK).  However, overstimulation of CCK can lead to nausea and for a few people Satisfax® has this consequence.  If you are one of the few and the feeling of nausea is too great you can try taking the capsules with a drink or light snack such as a piece of fruit or yogurt.  This has helped the majority of people who have felt nauseous after taking the capsules. If the nausea is still bad each time you take the capsules with a drink or snack try dropping to one capsule.

In some cases these two approaches have not worked and for those few we are happy to refund any unopened bottles of Satisfax® as per our Terms and Conditions.

What is in the capsules?

Satisfax® capsules contain natural extracts from New Zealand-grown grapes and kiwifruit.  The capsules are 100% plant-based and are gluten, dairy and GMO free.

Is Satisfax® suitable for people who are vegetarian / vegan / gluten-free / dairy-free?

Yes because they are completely free of animal products and also contain no gluten.

Do I need to change my diet when taking Satisfax®?

Although we recommend taking Satisfax® in conjunction with a balanced diet and exercise, there is no need to change your diet if you do not want to.  However, you will find that you will not feel like eating as much, and you may not want to snack as much between meals.

Is medical advice needed before taking Satisfax®?

We recommend consulting with your healthcare provider before taking Satisfax® if you are on medication or have any concerns.

Where can I buy Satisfax®?

At present Satisfax® is only available via our website, and are shipped free to anywhere in New Zealand – and worldwide.